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update on the Philippines Project

12 February 2013
update on the Philippines Project
February 2013

This year there has been a new innovation to the Philippines Project. Following a lot of preparation, there are two groups travelling to the Philippines.The first group will travel in early June and will comprise of past pupils. This is the first trip of its kind and for most it will mark a return to the country where they worked while in school.It was incredibly fulfilling to see the number of past pupils who turned up to the info night about the trip. 16 former students will travel. It is envisaged that this trip will be far more hands on than the school trip as the former students will help to build houses in an area called Valencia. This will provide the locals with the shelter they so desperately need.

The trip for the pupils, which has become an integral part of school life, will travel at the end of June. They will work in 3 centres teaching and doing whatever work is required. These centres are Davao – working in the Cancer Hospital, Badjao – helping the indigenous Muslim Gypsies and Anawin – teaching schoolchildren.The Philippines project has undoubtedly become one of the major events in the life of the school and the experience of the students who have participated lives with them for a long time.

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