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Eoin Morgan - a view from the sidelines

16 July 2019

Eoin Morgan's achievement and the part CUS has played in his success warrant a view from the sidelines, and we asked Dr. Gerry Ormond, keen cricketer and president of the union when Eoin started in CUS to say a few words...

...Without being too emotional or overstating the achievement, I think that, today, every past pupil of CUS and members of the teaching staff should be proud of the outcome of Sunday's Cricket World Cup Final.

England, captained by Eoin Morgan, a former pupil of CUS, beat New Zealand in a thrilling match. Eoin may not have had his best day with the bat in the final, but played many fine innings throughout the tournament, and his calmness and shrewd captaincy contributed hugely to his team's success, as they have done right through the competition.

Eoin came to CUS, as a 12 year old, 20 years ago on a "cricket" scholarship. This was as a result of Kevin Jennings's foresight and keen eye for cricket talent.
It was also facilitated, initially, at least, by the Past Pupils Union.

Eoin is now one of the very best known cricketers in the world. There is no doubt that he is hugely respected by the sporting and general public in England. His achievement is one of the best ever by any Irish sports person.

Is it greater than those of Padraig Harrington, Rory McIlroy or that other great CUS sportsman, Ronnie Delany?

It doesn't really matter, it should be accepted for what it is, a credit to him, to his family and the great cricket tradition in CUS.

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