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27 March 2016 - Principal Superior of CUS dies from gunshot wounds.

Principal Superior of CUS dies from gunshot wounds.

THE VERY REV. DR. F. J. WATTERS. 1851 - 1916 On 3rd May 1916, the same day Pearse, Clarke & McDonagh were executed, Fr. F J Watters, Principal Superior of CUS was shot by a sniper when leaving the presbytery of St Mary’s church in Haddington road where the wa ... More!

22 March 2016 - John Joseph Plunkett

John Joseph Plunkett

Considering the centenary of 1916 being with us, and the short lived connection of CUS and John Joseph Plunkett, we have extracted and condensed the following... Joseph Mary Plunkett   The short CUS and Marist connection.  More!

14 March 2016 - An overview of sports particpation in the school

coming soon ... More!

14 March 2016 - CUS union - Ideas for the future

The CUS union is in good health with good attendances at union events and a strong interested cohort of supporters and committee members. But rather than rest on our laurels we are looking into the future and we see areas where the union can be made even stronger.  ... More!

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