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Is The Truth Overrated

9 March 2018

Wednesday the 7th of March saw the return of the "Past vs Present  Debate" in celebration of 150 years of CUS.

Held in the beautifully refurbished Library Room, the war of words entertained the crowd gathered especially as the two teams contained former Trinity College and UCD debate sparring partners, Dr. David Kenny and Dr. Noel McGrath

The motion read "This House Believes that the Truth is overrated", Nathan Lyons Duffy took to the podium to open the debate. He lambasted the truth as nothing more than an endeavour unbecoming of a civilised society.

Aaron Tracy was quick to respond as the first opposition speaker and provided an insightful analysis of the value of truth in our lives.

Next came Daniel Stairs who kept the debate grounded firmly in reality and rallied around the belief that the truth is a needless pain we need not suffer.

 Peter Hanrahan came out all guns blazing with fiery rebuttal and a fresh take on the importance of truth via a scientific lens.

Dr. David Kenny stepped forward to dispel any notion that the truth was a clear thing and rebutted the proposition arguments with ease. He convincingly argued that by its very inconclusive and subjective nature it should not be accorded the value the opposition would accord to it.

Then came Diarmuid ÓhUallacháin who took aim at Duffy's view of the truth as a pointless goal for humanity. He argued that the truth is something which inspires us to be better and drives us in our search for understanding.

To close the case for the proposition we had Gabhan O'Tighearnaigh who offered a compelling case for why the proposition had won out. He believed that the opposition had confused not overrating the truth with disregarding it entirely, a confusion he took advantage of.

Finally, Dr. Noel McGrath took to the stand to tear down the proposition bench and show how they were in fact the confused ones. He provided a passionate and informative speech which got the audience thinking.


In the end the opposition narrowly carried the day. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable event which is sure to become a regular event in the union calendar.

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